Sundance 2016: Cameraperson – a film by Kirsten Johnson


Headed to Sundance this year? Make sure to check out Kirsten Johnson’s CAMERAPERSON. It’s screening once a day from the 26th through the 29th, and as I type, there is only one screening left with non-waitlist tickets available. GIT IT!

This film is a doc about shooting docs. As a cameraperson. Some of her credits include work in last year’s Oscar-winning Citizenfour, The Invisible War, Asylum and Fahrenheit 9/11, and Happy Valley among others.


From Sundance’s catalogue:

 “As a visually radical memoir, Cameraperson draws on the remarkable footage that Johnson has shot and reframes it in ways that illuminate moments and situations that have personally affected her. What emerges is an elegant meditation on the relationship between truth and the camera frame, as Johnson transforms scenes that have been presented on Festival screens as one kind of truth into another kind of story—one about personal journey, craft, and direct human connection.”


I first read about Johnson in The Art of the Documentary, where I learned that she is an American who up and moved to Senegal to learn French and shoot things, subsequently moving to France and attending La Femis, the French National Film School, earning a degree in Cinematography. Oh, and then shot Derrida, which is a whole other level of nerd-cool.

She then went on to make and collaborate on dozens of award-winning independent docs and narrative projects that win Oscars and prizes at Sundance and generally make the rest of us feel like we do nothing with our lives.

Also, she’s a woman, (what?!) which is extra-cool knowing that she’s been crushing since the women:men ratio behind the camera was even more extreme than it is today.

To Kirsten Johnson, Kudos! And to you, dear readers, check out Cameraperson, either at Sundance or later this year in a theater near you.

And if you do, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Shot on RED EPIC: The Final Girls – Screening in Los Angeles

The NUART theater is hosting a special midnight screening of  The Final Girls this Friday, January 15th at 11:59 PM.

We hope you get a chance to check it out, and welcome your thoughts in our comments section below.

Shot by featured filmmaker Elie Smolkin and directed by Todd Strauss-Shulson, The Final Girls plays with visual and storytelling tropes of campy B-movie horror flicks. Shot on 3GRs Red Epic Dragon using our Angenieux zooms and Cooke s4s.

Like the look? Feel free to request a quote if you’re interested in renting this gear.

A modern-day group of friends enter the world of a 70’s B horror movie – and try to get out alive. The plot largely supports the jokes, but also delivers some legitimate edge-of-your-seat thrills and a solid hero(ine) story. Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Story) delivers a stellar performance as Max Cartwright, a shy teenager pulled into this surreal adventure that ends up a lot more personal than anyone could have imagined.

final girls

Spanning horror, comedy, period, spoof, thriller and drama, The Final Girls allowed Strauss-Shulson and Smolkin to borrow from a number of aesthetic genres. Check out the killer article on their motion-control sequence in Popular Mechanics!

The Final Girls stars Taissa Farmiga, Malin Akerman, Nina Dobrev, Thomas Middleditch, Adam DeVine and Angela Trimbur. It was released in the US on October 9th, 2015.

the final girls

Want to read more? There’s a great conversation about shooting the movie with cinematographer Elie Smolkin on Five Frames.

And Strauss-Schulson discusses his inspiration and influences for much of the aesthetic on Slash Film.



RIP David Bowie ★<3★<3★<3

David Bowie, my favorite human and yours, passed away today after an 18 month battle with cancer.

Not only did he keep his illness under wraps, but he pretty much gave his cancer a big F-you by using his final months to record his 25th studio album, ★ (black star).

The album was released just a few days ago on January 8th, his 69th birthday.

I’m really sad, and I bet you are too, dear reader. Let’s just take a moment to remember his unparalleled talent, creativity and weirdness.

A dark and delirious 10-minute video for ★’s title track preceded the album’s release last November. It’s particularly moving to watch today. Noisey published a great interview with directorJohan Renck about working with Bowie.


The video for Lazarus, another ★ track, came out last week on January 7th. If you’d like to cry some more, here it is.Shot by co-DPs Darren Lew and Crille Forsberg. Some have called it Bowie’s goodbye.

Back in 2013, we posted The Stars (are out tonight), a video he did with Tilda Swinton, shot on RED by Jeff Cronenweth. Here it is again.


…as was this one for The Next Day with Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard

Oh Ziggy, oh you sprinkle of Stardust, you White Duke, you ★, you Hero, you Heathen! You greatest man ever to fall to earth. You will be missed. Thanks for everything. Love you forever and all time. I hope you create a new afterlife and we can all come hang out and dance with you.


In closing, I must sign off with my personal favorite video – a sing-along of Magic Dance from The Labyrinth, featuring Bowie as Jarreth, the androgynous and uncannily sexy Goblin King.


bowie, labyrinth, time is short, gif

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to shoot on RED 8K WEAPON

Red and Marvel Studio announced today that the second installment of the successful Guardians of the Galaxy franchise will be the first feature film shot on the new 8K Vista Vision WEAPON.

From RED’s Press Release:

” WEAPON 8K captures 8K at 75 frames per second (fps), 6K at 100 fps, or 4K at 150 fps with REDCODE® RAW; and its wide dynamic range produces cinema-quality images rich with natural color. Additionally, WEAPON 8K features interchangeable lens mounts, an intelligent OLPF system, and in-camera 3D-LUT outputs.

‘RED’s 8K WEAPON is the little big camera. Perfectly counterintuitive. And perfect for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2,’ says Henry Braham, BSC, Director of Photography. “


8K Weapon, 4K on Screen:

Though theaters “only” have the ability to project in 4K, the 8K sensor allows for more finesse in post before outputting to exhibition resolution.

RED and Braham haven’t yet announced if the whole film will utilize the WEAPON’s 8K capabilities, or if they’ll only bring out the big guns for a few key scenes.

The first Guardians of the Galaxy film featured a few IMAX scenes, and over an hour of IMAX footage made it into Interstellar – (on film, of course. Because Nolan…) He’s generally been the director “most likely to…” really do it up on the IMAX, but as these new digital mega-sensors come into play, it should be interesting to compare looks.

However, the next two movies in the Avengers franchise are slated to shoot entirely on digital IMAX cameras. Can’t wait to see how that turns out.

And a significant portion of The Revenant was shot on 6K Alexa 65, and RAW, upping the ante for ridiculously indulgent detail in the data. We’ll see what the GALAXY team will do here.

No Film School posted a great writeup about 8K technology and the benefits of shooting 8K -> 4K if you wanna get into it.

Let us know if you’ve heard any other rumors or have some tech nerdery to add to the conversation in the comments below.

Shot on RED WEAPON: a dragon on fire.

For your entertainment on this fine Saturday: a Red DRAGON on fire at 72fps in 6K

Aside from being generally awesome, the video shows the durability of a newly developed rehoused Canon 24mm F/2.8.

The lens comes with your choice of aluminum or titanium back, and happens to be bulletproof – and, as it turns out, flame retardant!

You know, for the next time you’re shooting in a war zone and/or volcano.*


This rugged bad boy is a creation of Global Dynamics United, RED President Jarred Land’s side project for making bulletproof lenses and these (strangely NSFW) shirts and hats?

They’re available to reserve here.lauten-lens1-600x600 (1)

Additionally – if you’d like to flaunt one of these (purportedly very soft) shirts for pretty ladies, I’m pretty sure they’re on Amazon Prime too.


* Please DO NOT use 3GR’s cameras in war zones and/or volcanoes. Or really in any situation that carries a high risk of being shot at/lit on fire in general.

dragon on fire


New Gear: Leica Summicron-C Lenses

  Announcing our new Leica Summicron-C series lenses   Yet another addition to our light-weight, high-quality gear, our the Leica Summicron-C series, our newest set of primes, boasts the fantastic optical qualities you expect from Leica glass, along with some useful new attributes. The Specs 3GR now offiers the 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm lenses for rental. The […]

Shot on EPIC: The Final Girls

Shot by featured filmmaker Elie Smolkin, The Final Girls takes an updated meta-look at the horror genre. Director Todd Strauss-Shulson nails a laundry list of cheesy horror flick tropes in a fun, thoughtful comedy. A modern-day group of friends enter the world of a 70’s B horror movie – and try to get out alive. […]

Shot on WEAPON: Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams”

  Without getting too carried away… here’s another Chris Probst / Peter Khan “Film” shot on Weapon. The drama. The giraffes. The zebra herd from above. The male love interest lip syncing to  Swift’s plaintive crooning. The colonialist-era hollywood glamour (um…?) The romantic flight above the stampede. The glitter and pain of the meta-film premiere. […]


Shot on Red: “Ferrell Takes The Field” – Premieres tonight on HBO

Tonight! Get ready to settle in with a bag of peanuts and a hot dog to watch the premiere of HBO’s “Ferrel Takes The Field,” tonight at 10/9c – that’s 7pm for us here on the west coast. The HBO special was shot by our very own Adam Bricker on 3GR’s Red Dragon and an […]


New Gear: OConnor 2560 Ultimate Fluid Head

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added an OConnor 2560 to our rental inventory. The newest fluid head from Oconnor, the 2560 weighs in at only 16.2 pounds, almost 7 pounds lighter than the 2065, while maintaining a similar payload. It’s well suited, safe and stable to a “maxed-out” Red Dragon or Scarlet in studio […]


Shot on WEAPON: Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”

  Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” took home the award for “Video of the Year” at the VMAs last night. The video also won for “Best Collaboration,” a nod to the unlikely and entertaining pairing of Swift and Kendrick Lamar. The two are joined by a long list of lady celebs who wield some impressive weaponry […]


In Production: Storaro to shoot Woody Allen’s Next Film

Vittorio Storaro is the latest addition to an impressive list of prestigious DPs Woody Allen has teamed up with throughout his career. Shooting begins this month in Los Angeles and New York on the 1930’s period piece, set to premiere in 2016. Gordon Willis, Sven Nykvist, Harry Savides, Vilmos Zsigmond and Darius Khondji have each […]


Update: 3GR Rate Sheet

Updated Rate Sheet available for download here.  


Shot on EPIC: Diary of a Teenage Girl

The celebrated Sundance darling, Diary of a Teenage Girl hits theaters this weekend – directed by Marielle Heller and shot by Brandon Trost on RED EPIC paired with the gorgeous PANAVISION C-SERIES & G-SERIES ANAMORPHICS. Trost took home the US Drama – Special Jury Award for Cinematography at Sundance this year. Set in 1970’s San […]

Easyrig Vario 5

New Gear: Easyrig Vario 5

3GR + Bear & Co. recently added an Easyrig Vario 5 to our rental inventory. The Easyrig Vario 5 has an adjustable weight range from 11-38 lbs. The user can fine-tune the tension and strength of the line by turning an adjustment screw on the back of the rig.