Shot on Dragon: New Gone Girl Trailer

Check out the first full-length trailer for this fall’s thriller, Gone Girl, directed by David Fincher. Shot on RED Epic Dragon by DP Jeff Cronenweth. Starring Ben Affleck and the alter egos of Hedwig and Madea

More of Cronenweth’s RED cinematography here.

Also, new Gone Girl posters are here.

**EDIT: The first trailer we linked to was pulled from YouTube. Please Enjoy this Thai version.

Shot on Epic: “Locke”

Directed by Steven Knight. Shot by DP Haris Zambarloukos on RED Epic. Starring Tom Hardy.

Shot on Dragon: Jay-Z And Beyoncé’s ‘Part II (On The Run)’

Directed by Prettybird’s Melina Matsoukas. Shot by DP David Devlin on RED Epic Dragon.

Posted on REDUser by Jarred Land.

Shot on Epic: Sherlock Holmes Sucks at Deduction

Sketch for The Pete Holmes Show on TBS. Directed by Oren Brimer. Shot by DP and 3GR Featured Filmmaker Elie Smolkin on RED Epic.

Shot on Epic: Humans Are A Dog’s Best Friend

BuzzFeed + Purina spot shot by Adam Bricker. I think YouTube user, SentinelPrimek, sums it up well in the comments with “You gotta say, that was a good ad.”



Shot on Epic: Hazing with the Cast of Neighbors

Funny or Die + Neighbors promo shot by Adam Bricker in Austin, TX

Conaty Underdogs

New Conaty Reel

Sean Conaty! Woop! More work on Sean’s 3GR page and cinematography website.

David Fincher

Shot on Dragon: Gone Girl

Trailer for Gone Girl. Directed by David Fincher and shot by DP Jeff Cronenweth on RED Epic Dragon + Leica Summilux prime lenses.

Palo Alto Square

Shot on Epic: Palo Alto

Trailer for Palo Alto by director Gia Coppola. Starring James Franco + Emma Roberts. Beautifully shot by DP Autumn Cheyenne Durald on RED Epic + Panavision Super Speeds. Autumn was supported from friends of 3GR 1st AC Stephen Taylor-Wehr and 2nd AC Drew “Sleepy” Dawson. The film is slated for a theatrical release on May 9th, […]

Water Breathing Dragon

Shot on Dragon: 1st Underwater Footage

Underwater RED Dragon footage. RED Dragon + Gates Underwater Housing. Directed by Sean Ruggeri. Shot by Bob Cranston, Johnny Friday, Justin Jones, and Sean Ruggeri.  


Shot on Epic: Starry Eyes

  Starry Eyes, written and directed by Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer, will debut at SXSW saturday night as part of the Midnighters schedule. Judging by the teaser trailer, this should be a terrifying and fun watch! Shot by Adam Bricker on RED Epic + Angenieux Optimos.   If your in Austin for SXSW try to get there […]

Samsung Olympics

Shot on Dragon: Samsung + Olympics

Shot by DP Patrick Duroux on RED Epic Dragon. Posted by Jarred Land on    


Soderbergh’s Psycho Mash-up

The recently ‘retired’ Steven Soderbergh has edited a mashup of Hitchcock’s classic, Psycho, and Gus Van Sant’s remake. In the video, he pits the two complete movies side by side and posted it on his site. Actually, it makes Van Sant’s experimental feature, which was originally a shot for shot remake, all that more interesting. Check out the video […]

Fishing Without Nets Square

Shot on Epic: Disenhof talks “Fishing Without Nets”

Fishing Without Nets has played at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival to rave reviews (Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Grantland). The film was shot by 3GR featured-filmmaker Alex Disenhof on RED Epic + RED Scarlet w/ Angenieux Optimo DP Zooms and Zeiss Super Speeds. Disenhof discussed the filming process with IndieWire as part of the “How I […]


Shot on RED M-X: “Lust for Love”

Lust for Love, directed by Anton King and starring Fran Kranz, will be available on VOD and On Demand starting February 7th! The film was shot on RED M-X with RED Pro Primes by cinematographer Adam Bricker. Check out the nice writeup from Entertainment Weekly.