New Gear: Leica Summicron-C Lenses


Announcing our new Leica Summicron-C series lenses



Yet another addition to our light-weight, high-quality gear, our the Leica Summicron-C series, our newest set of primes, boasts the fantastic optical qualities you expect from Leica glass, along with some useful new attributes.

The Specs

3GR now offiers the 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm lenses for rental.

The Summicron-C series has a maximum aperture of T2, an 8-blade iris and a PL mount.

The optical elements in this series are exclusively spherical. For additional tech specs, see the chart at the bottom of this post.

Large Image Circle for 6K Dragon and Beyond

For us at 3GR, one of the most exciting characteristics of Leica’s Summicron-C series is their large image circle of 34mm or more, easily covering the 6K sensor of our Epic DRAGON cameras. Our forthcoming Epic WEAPON will look great with these Leicas as well.


Summicron-C 100mm on a Red Epic DRAGON. Photo by Curt Schaller.

Summicron-C 100mm on a Red Epic DRAGON

Lightweight, Compact and Consistent

We also love the Summicron C’s efficiency and ease of use on set. At 20% lighter and 30% shorter than Leica’s Summilux-C lenses, the Summicron-C set is ideal for handheld, documentary-style, travel as well as setup-heavy studio shoots.

The entire set shares a barrel diameter and physical size, making lens changes faster and minimizing the need for additional accessories to allow for variable barrel sizes.

The gear rings line up on each lens, so you never have to reposition follow focus or motors or readjust your mattebox position.

Whether these quick swaps let you snag that one additional shot you’d like to try, shoot more of the action in real time, or simply keep your day running smoothly, the consistent size and shape are a welcome characteristic.


Leica Summicron-C's soft round Bokeh vs. Cooke's Hexagonal Shape

Leica Summicron-C’s soft round Bokeh vs. Cooke’s Hexagonal Shape

In addition to all of these practical attributes, it goes without saying that the Summicron C’s don’t skimp on look. They can create the beautiful images, skintones, and smooth, classic bokehs we expect from Leica, but in a tight, light package with a generous image circle.


Check out this gorgeous video of the Vienna State Ballet, which served as a test for the Summicron-Cs. Because Leica is classy like that.



Along with our new Easyrig Vario 5, OConnor 2560 and 60L, our new set of Leica Summicron-C lenses are light, intuitive, high-quality equipment that can optimize your workday as well as the look of your final product.


Let us know if you’re interested in a quote or check out all of our current gear on our rate sheet.

Have you used the Leica’s Summicron-C series? Have any questions? Post a comment below!




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