Shot on EPIC DRAGON: “Stranger Things” on Netflix

Stranger Thigns Wide

Stranger Things, an 8-part original series, is now streaming on Netflix. Shot on RED EPIC DRAGON and Leica Primes by cinematographers Tim Ives and Tod Campbell, both of Mr. Robot fame.

Shot on EPIC DRAGON: Chef’s Table, Season 2

Chef’s Table – Season 2

The James Beard Award-winning Netflix original is back for round two, traveling the world to meet more of the world’s most captivating chefs and tell their stories. The series is shot by DPs Will Basanta and our very own Featured Filmmaker, Adam Bricker, using our Red Epic Dragon cameras with Leica Summicron and Summilux primes.

This season includes Brazil’s Alex Atala, Slovenia’s Ana Ros, San Francisco’s Dominique Crenn, Mexico’s Enrique Olvera, Thailand’s Gaggan Anand, and Chicago’s Grant Achatz.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the first season, definitely check it out!


More to Come

Later this year, Netflix will release four special episodes featuring the world’s most renowned French chefs. Watch this space for release date and inevitably gorgeous trailer whenever that drops.

Early 2017 will bring yet another set of 6 chefs from around the world to your screen.






That’s right – the International Space Station (ISS) has released some very cool space-videos shot on the Red Epic Dragon. That’s a camera we have here at 3GR you guys!!

I’m pretty sure this means we can officially say that Astronauts choose Red? I wonder if they use a lot of velcro on their build up on the station. (that’s a NASA product development + camera assistant joke right there. I apologize…)

To watch the below videos in all their 4K glory, you’ll have to open them in a new window – and have a 4K+ display of course. Run to your nearest Apple Store if you don’t have one at home. Can’t get much better for an ultra high def example on their showroom floor.


Most elaborate Red build ever?



NASA has also made a number of downloadable “ultra high def” videos available under a Public Domain license on, so you can even use them in your own space movies. Thanks NASA!



As you might imagine, it takes a hot second to beam this stuff down from space. But it will soon be possible to determine when it will be in a certain location, for those interested in staging the most epic flash-mob event… on earth at least.

RIP David Bowie ★<3★<3★<3

David Bowie, my favorite human and yours, passed away today after an 18 month battle with cancer.

Not only did he keep his illness under wraps, but he pretty much gave his cancer a big F-you by using his final months to record his 25th studio album, ★ (black star).

The album was released just a few days ago on January 8th, his 69th birthday.

I’m really sad, and I bet you are too, dear reader. Let’s just take a moment to remember his unparalleled talent, creativity and weirdness.

A dark and delirious 10-minute video for ★’s title track preceded the album’s release last November. It’s particularly moving to watch today. Noisey published a great interview with directorJohan Renck about working with Bowie.


The video for Lazarus, another ★ track, came out last week on January 7th. If you’d like to cry some more, here it is.Shot by co-DPs Darren Lew and Crille Forsberg. Some have called it Bowie’s goodbye.

Back in 2013, we posted The Stars (are out tonight), a video he did with Tilda Swinton, shot on RED by Jeff Cronenweth. Here it is again.


…as was this one for The Next Day with Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard

Oh Ziggy, oh you sprinkle of Stardust, you White Duke, you ★, you Hero, you Heathen! You greatest man ever to fall to earth. You will be missed. Thanks for everything. Love you forever and all time. I hope you create a new afterlife and we can all come hang out and dance with you.


In closing, I must sign off with my personal favorite video – a sing-along of Magic Dance from The Labyrinth, featuring Bowie as Jarreth, the androgynous and uncannily sexy Goblin King.


bowie, labyrinth, time is short, gif

Shot on RED WEAPON: a dragon on fire.

For your entertainment on this fine Saturday: a Red DRAGON on fire at 72fps in 6K

Aside from being generally awesome, the video shows the durability of a newly developed rehoused Canon 24mm F/2.8.

The lens comes with your choice of aluminum or titanium back, and happens to be bulletproof – and, as it turns out, flame retardant!

You know, for the next time you’re shooting in a war zone and/or volcano.*


This rugged bad boy is a creation of Global Dynamics United, RED President Jarred Land’s side project for making bulletproof lenses and these (strangely NSFW) shirts and hats?

They’re available to reserve here.lauten-lens1-600x600 (1)

Additionally – if you’d like to flaunt one of these (purportedly very soft) shirts for pretty ladies, I’m pretty sure they’re on Amazon Prime too.


* Please DO NOT use 3GR’s cameras in war zones and/or volcanoes. Or really in any situation that carries a high risk of being shot at/lit on fire in general.

dragon on fire