Shot on RED DRAGON: Mindhunter

Last year, it was revealed director David Fincher was creating a new crime series for Netflix. The series was  to be shot on his one of a kind camera, RED Xenomorph. RED Digital Cinema built this fully integrated camera specifically for Fincher.

And now we get to see the outcome as Netflix released a teaser for ‘Mindhunter’ last week.

Take a look:

Also, the otherworldly Xenomorph:


New Gear: RED Pro 9″ Touchscreen

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RED Pro 9-Inch Touchscreen 016

RED Pro 9-Inch Touchscreen 014RED Pro 9-Inch Touchscreen 015


Shot on EPIC DRAGON: 4K of “Gone Girl” Trailer #2

Here’s a link, courtesy of REDUser’s Phil Holland, to download a 4K MP4 version of Gone Girl Trailer #2. 

Shot on RED Epic Dragon by DP Jeff Cronenweth. The trailer looks incredible. Some screen grabs are below:

Gone Girl 011 Gone Girl 012 Gone Girl 013 Gone Girl 014 Gone Girl 015 Gone Girl 016 Gone Girl 010

Shot on EPIC DRAGON: New “Gone Girl” Trailer

Check out the first full-length trailer for this fall’s thriller, Gone Girl, directed by David Fincher. Shot on RED Epic Dragon by DP Jeff Cronenweth. Starring Ben Affleck and the alter egos of Hedwig and Madea

More of Cronenweth’s RED cinematography here.

Also, new Gone Girl posters are here.

**EDIT: The first trailer we linked to was pulled from YouTube. Please Enjoy this Thai version.

Shot on EPIC DRAGON: Gone Girl

Trailer for Gone Girl. Directed by David Fincher and shot by DP Jeff Cronenweth on RED Epic Dragon + Leica Summilux prime lenses.