Shot on RED WEAPON: a dragon on fire.

For your entertainment on this fine Saturday: a Red DRAGON on fire at 72fps in 6K

Aside from being generally awesome, the video shows the durability of a newly developed rehoused Canon 24mm F/2.8.

The lens comes with your choice of aluminum or titanium back, and happens to be bulletproof – and, as it turns out, flame retardant!

You know, for the next time you’re shooting in a war zone and/or volcano.*


This rugged bad boy is a creation of Global Dynamics United, RED President Jarred Land’s side project for making bulletproof lenses and these (strangely NSFW) shirts and hats?

They’re available to reserve here.lauten-lens1-600x600 (1)

Additionally – if you’d like to flaunt one of these (purportedly very soft) shirts for pretty ladies, I’m pretty sure they’re on Amazon Prime too.


* Please DO NOT use 3GR’s cameras in war zones and/or volcanoes. Or really in any situation that carries a high risk of being shot at/lit on fire in general.

dragon on fire

Shot on EPIC DRAGON: Jay-Z And Beyoncé’s ‘Part II (On The Run)’

Directed by Prettybird’s Melina Matsoukas. Shot by DP David Devlin on RED Epic Dragon.

Posted on REDUser by Jarred Land.

Shot on EPIC DRAGON: Samsung + Olympics

Shot by DP Patrick Duroux on RED Epic Dragon.

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All I Want For Christmas: RED MINI-MAG

Well, I guess this is part two.

RED Mag Bundle

In addition to size, speed is the major advantage here. Less compression required w/ these new tiny guys. Here’s a useful chart breaking down the statistics.

From RED’s Jarred Land:

Announcing the RED MINI-MAG System.

The new MINI-MAGS are not only 50% smaller than the existing RED MAGs, they can also read and write 30% faster.

This not only allows for lower compression ratios during recording but the new mags in combination with the new 6G readers allow for much faster offloads.

An Upgrade for all existing Scarlet/Epic/Dragons.

RED MINI-MAG 512GB $2450

RED MINI-MAG Side SSD Module $1500


RED Mini Mag Reader Writer RED Mini Mag Side Module RED Mini Mag

All I Want For Christmas: RED 3-Axis Lens Control System

RED’s new wireless system for controlling focus, iris and zoom: Watch Demo Here.

RED 3 Axis

From RED’s Jarred Land:

We are proud to introduce the RED 3-axis lens control sytem, consisting of the RED WMD, the RED Lens Motors and the RED THC Hand Controller.

Priced at $14,500 for the full kit that includes all cables and batteries and travel case. The system is available to preorder on RED.COM and at AbelCINE for shipping in Feb.

There are systems at AbelCine in NY and LA as well as the RED Store in Hollywood now that you can go play with and next week there will be demo systems at RED UK at Pinewood.

Apart from the obvious features, one of the biggest advantages of using the RED system is that the WMD can inject metadata directly into the R3D files including Lens make , model and focal length, frame by frame focus zoom and iris readings (even on lenses without LDS or i Data)

C002_C004_1122V8.0000295F C003_C002_1203WF.0000106F C004_C010_112006.0000262F