Shot on RED ONE M-X: “Lust for Love”


Lust for Love, directed by Anton King and starring Fran Kranz, will be available on VOD and On Demand starting February 7th! The film was shot on RED M-X with RED Pro Primes by cinematographer Adam Bricker. Check out the nice writeup from Entertainment Weekly.


Shot on SCARLET M-X: M is for Members Only

Written and Directed by Chris Cullari and Jennifer Raite. Shot by DP Elie Smolkin on 3GR’s RED Scarlet + RED Pro Primes. It’s an entry into the ABC’s of Death competition. Give “M is for Members Only” a “LIKE” to vote for it in the competition.

1st Assistant Camera: Noam Bleiweiss

Gaffer: Tyler Bell

Key Grip: Tina Densmore


Shot on RED ONE M-X: Disney Princess Spring Breakers

College Humor spoofs Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers with the original Disney Princess’.

Directed by Paul Briganti
Shot By Matt Garrett on RED M-X + RED Pro Primes

Camera Crew:
Gaffer: Justen Hernandez
1st AC: Charlie Panian
2nd AC: Ryan P. O’Hara
Best Boy Electric: Cody Banks
Swing: Cate Smierciak
Swing: Chris Walters
BTS & 2nd Camera: Carissa Dorson

Shot on SCARLET M-X: Raúl B Fernández + AT&T

AT&T  commercial directed by 3GR featured filmmaker Raúl B Fernández. Shot by DP Lance Kuhns on Scarlet + RED Pro Primes.

The commercial won first place in MOFILM’s AT&T contest. Watch a few of Raúl’s previous MOFILM winners herehere and here (this list is getting long).

AT&T “Sharing” Camera Crew:

Gaffer: Zach Helmer
Key Grip: Sanjiv Solanki
Best Boy Electric: Randy Garcia
Grip: Richard Lech
1st AC: Andrew Pauling
2nd AC: Jack Beyer

Shot on RED ONE M-X: “Funeral Kings” on DVD + iTunes

The feature film “Funeral Kings”, written and directed by Kevin and Matthew McManus, is now available on iTunes and Amazon. Shot by DP Alex Disenhof on 3GR’s RED M-X w/ RED Pro Primes.