This brand-spanking new short from Director Todd Strauss-Schulson and Ulterior Productions tells the story of a young man distraught after  being turned down by the love of his life and the new friendship that just might help him move on. The film was shot on two RED Epics with Angenieux zooms (16-42, 30-80, 17-80) & a Nikkor fisheye lens. Director of Photography, Elie Smolkin noted to 3GR how the pace challenged him and the small crew:
We had a very, very limited budget on this one so it was a "let's use whatever is in the van" kind of shoot. That challenge made it a lot of fun and I think we were able to find a cool look because of it. We shot over a few days in LA and having 2 cameras to help cover the improv and all the montage set ups was a huge help. Working with Todd and Ken (Ken Franchi, Producer) is always a fun experience, it's a guerrilla/fast pace style of shooting but with a high production value in mind. That's a hard task to complete but we make it work and end up getting something great out of it. Alex Bickel did a great job refining the look in color and the cast was fantastic.
Crew: 1st AC: Ryan Hogue B Cam Op: Matt LaRoche Gaffer: Tyler Bell Key Grip: Tina Densmore Colorist: Alex Bickel