New Conaty Reel

Sean Conaty! Woop! More work on Sean's 3GR page and cinematography website.

Sean Conaty Shoots Katie Armiger Video

Shot by DP Sean Conaty on ARRI Alexa w/ Panavision Primo lenses + ARRI Alura Zoom. Directed by Justin Baldoni. Produced by the Oil Factory. 1st AC - Chloe Weaver Key Grip - Lee Winborn Gaffer - Benny Alvarado

Shot on EPIC M-X: Mosey Commercial

Mosey commercial directed by Kyle Hausmann-Stokes. Shot by DP Sean Conaty on RED Epic + Panavision Light Weight Zoom and vintage Super Speeds.

Shot on EPIC M-X: Axe Indy 500 w/ Dario Franchitti

Directed by Michael Koerbel & Ron Cosentino for Brewster Parsons. Shot by Sean Conaty on RED Epic. Checkout Sean's new reel and website here.

New Reel + Website for Sean Conaty

Lovely website revamp by cinematographer + 3GR featured filmmaker Sean Conaty. Peruse the website here: Checkout the new reel below.