For your entertainment on this fine Saturday: a Red DRAGON on fire at 72fps in 6K
Aside from being generally awesome, the video shows the durability of a newly developed rehoused Canon 24mm F/2.8. The lens comes with your choice of aluminum or titanium back, and happens to be bulletproof - and, as it turns out, flame retardant! You know, for the next time you're shooting in a war zone and/or volcano.* 11053213_10153288922700415_2868151419895703975_o This rugged bad boy is a creation of Global Dynamics United, RED President Jarred Land's side project for making bulletproof lenses and these (strangely NSFW) shirts and hats? They're available to reserve here.lauten-lens1-600x600 (1) Additionally - if you'd like to flaunt one of these (purportedly very soft) shirts for pretty ladies, I'm pretty sure they're on Amazon Prime too.
* Please DO NOT use 3GR's cameras in war zones and/or volcanoes. Or really in any situation that carries a high risk of being shot at/lit on fire in general.
dragon on fire