Shot on EPIC M-X: House of Cards, Season 2

Shot on RED Epic. Netflix has announced plans to stream the second season of House of Cards in 4K. Here's an interesting article about DP Eigil Bryld's run-n-gun approach to Season 1.


  1. did you not think that the choice of “On Raglan Road” in the sodcntrauk, at a crucial moment in the film, was a terrible decision. Its sticks out from the rest of the sodcntrauk plus the lyrics/sentiment makes no sense in the context of the movie.It nearly destroys the whole film for me…nearly!!

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  8. I forgot to mention that the only time I had ever heard of a reference to Dante’s Inferno was Tchiakovsky’s tone poem. ‘Francesca da Rimini’. The title character, caught in adultery with her deformed husband’s more handsome brother Paolo and murdered by him [the cuckolded husband], was condemned to an eternal embrace with her illicit lover in the 6th circle of Hell.Pretty crashing good piece of music, if I may say so.

  9. eu estou muito confiante não encontrei outro igual tem muitas promessas fajutas por ai a aqui eu estou vendo sinceridade e a minha saída do fundo do poço

  10. I love that your socks go up and down when you've found a great recipe!! And this does sounds like a really great recipe. Maybe not something I would have tried either..but now that it has your approval, it's going in the "to be tried" file!

  11. LOL and I’m sorry if I offended you a well Amanda. No hard feelings here at all! I look forward to any future discussions we might have here or in GWs. Cheers!

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