Shot on EPIC DRAGON: Chef’s Table, Season 2

Chef's Table - Season 2

The James Beard Award-winning Netflix original is back for round two, traveling the world to meet more of the world's most captivating chefs and tell their stories. The series is shot by DPs Will Basanta and our very own Featured Filmmaker, Adam Bricker, using our Red Epic Dragon cameras with Leica Summicron and Summilux primes. This season includes Brazil’s Alex Atala, Slovenia’s Ana Ros, San Francisco’s Dominique Crenn, Mexico’s Enrique Olvera, Thailand’s Gaggan Anand, and Chicago’s Grant Achatz. If you haven't had a chance to watch the first season, definitely check it out!  

More to Come

Later this year, Netflix will release four special episodes featuring the world's most renowned French chefs. Watch this space for release date and inevitably gorgeous trailer whenever that drops. Early 2017 will bring yet another set of 6 chefs from around the world to your screen.   chefs-table-key-art__twocolumncontent Save

Sean Conaty Shoots Katie Armiger Video

Shot by DP Sean Conaty on ARRI Alexa w/ Panavision Primo lenses + ARRI Alura Zoom. Directed by Justin Baldoni. Produced by the Oil Factory. 1st AC - Chloe Weaver Key Grip - Lee Winborn Gaffer - Benny Alvarado

Shot on SCARLET M-X: Americana

Shot on RED Scarlet w/ Zeiss Standard Speeds by DP + 3GR Featured Filmmaker Chloe Weaver. Directed by  Terry Gingles.
1st AC: Ian Barbella
Key Grip: Ranjeet Rajan

Shot on EPIC M-X: Chevy “Engage The Unknown”

Directed by Brent McHenry. Produced and Edited by Nick Wenger. Shot on RED Epic + Angenieux Optimo DP Zooms, GoPro Hero 3, and Canon DSLRs by DP Adam Bricker. Color: Narbeh Tatoussian @ Blacklist Digital. Aerial Operator: Adam Goral Roller Blade Operator: Armando Colunga 1st AC: Chloe Weaver

Shot on EPIC M-X: CNBC Prime

CNBC Prime spot shot by 3GR Featured Filmmaker Sean Conaty on 3GR's RED Epic + RED Pro Primes + Canon Tilt-Shift. Directed by Elaine Cantwell. 1st AC: Chloe Weaver  Gaffer: Benny Alvarado
Key Grip: Paul Meehan