Shot on EPIC DRAGON: Chef’s Table, Season 2

Chef's Table - Season 2

The James Beard Award-winning Netflix original is back for round two, traveling the world to meet more of the world's most captivating chefs and tell their stories. The series is shot by DPs Will Basanta and our very own Featured Filmmaker, Adam Bricker, using our Red Epic Dragon cameras with Leica Summicron and Summilux primes. This season includes Brazil’s Alex Atala, Slovenia’s Ana Ros, San Francisco’s Dominique Crenn, Mexico’s Enrique Olvera, Thailand’s Gaggan Anand, and Chicago’s Grant Achatz. If you haven't had a chance to watch the first season, definitely check it out!  

More to Come

Later this year, Netflix will release four special episodes featuring the world's most renowned French chefs. Watch this space for release date and inevitably gorgeous trailer whenever that drops. Early 2017 will bring yet another set of 6 chefs from around the world to your screen.   chefs-table-key-art__twocolumncontent Save

Sundance 2016: Cameraperson – a film by Kirsten Johnson

cameraperson_layered Headed to Sundance this year? Make sure to check out Kirsten Johnson's CAMERAPERSON. It's screening once a day from the 26th through the 29th, and as I type, there is only one screening left with non-waitlist tickets available. GIT IT! This film is a doc about shooting docs. As a cameraperson. Some of her credits include work in last year's Oscar-winning Citizenfour, The Invisible War, Asylum and Fahrenheit 9/11, and Happy Valley among others. cameraperson From Sundance's catalogue:  "As a visually radical memoir, Cameraperson draws on the remarkable footage that Johnson has shot and reframes it in ways that illuminate moments and situations that have personally affected her. What emerges is an elegant meditation on the relationship between truth and the camera frame, as Johnson transforms scenes that have been presented on Festival screens as one kind of truth into another kind of story—one about personal journey, craft, and direct human connection." 6a00d834525c8d69e201347f9a2ba7970c I first read about Johnson in The Art of the Documentary, where I learned that she is an American who up and moved to Senegal to learn French and shoot things, subsequently moving to France and attending La Femis, the French National Film School, earning a degree in Cinematography. Oh, and then shot Derrida, which is a whole other level of nerd-cool. She then went on to make and collaborate on dozens of award-winning independent docs and narrative projects that win Oscars and prizes at Sundance and generally make the rest of us feel like we do nothing with our lives. Also, she's a woman, (what?!) which is extra-cool knowing that she's been crushing since the women:men ratio behind the camera was even more extreme than it is today. To Kirsten Johnson, Kudos! And to you, dear readers, check out Cameraperson, either at Sundance or later this year in a theater near you. And if you do, we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Shot on EPIC DRAGON: “Ferrell Takes The Field” premieres on HBO

Tonight! Get ready to settle in with a bag of peanuts and a hot dog to watch the premiere of HBO's "Ferrel Takes The Field," tonight at 10/9c - that's 7pm for us here on the west coast. The HBO special was shot by our very own Adam Bricker on 3GR's Red Dragon and an Alexa Amira. Have any questions or comments about his work? Leave us a note in the comments below!   rs_560x415-150311104407-1024.Will-Ferrell-Baseball-Pizza.jl.031115NEJ4n5c8HXWUNJ_2_b Ferrell actually takes not one, but five fields in this docu/mockumentary. His quest is to play ten different baseball positions on ten Major League Baseball teams during five spring training games. The stunt is a nod to Burt "Campy" Campaneris - a legendary player who once played all positions in a single game exactly 50 years ago. Ferrell faces this "challenge" with his trademarked stone-faced dry humor - always playing the clown playing the guy doing the thing. But in this instance, the very real rock-hard baseballs often whiz by him at an impressive and potentially dangerous clip. The suggestion of possible danger brings some suspense to the show - between musings on the road and dugout temper tantrums.
All proceeds from "Ferrell Takes The Field" will go to Cancer for College, a charity founded by Ferrel's USC frat bro Craig Pollard, that awards scholarships to cancer survivors. At the time of shooting, the production had already raised a million dollars for the organization. If you're feeling particularly generous, you can donate directly here, and be entered to win all sorts of Ferrell Takes the Field swag. There's even an opportunity to win a branded cowbell for the dedicated donor...
Watch "Ferrell Takes the Field" tonight at 7pm on the west coast, 9pm central, and 10pm out east. For a sneak preview - Watch Ferrell get fitted for a cup!

This is a Portrait: Trailer

This is a new "documentary" from Eric Marsh featuring a ton of good people from Chicago. Written by Eric, James Cardis, Benjamin Kumming, and Andrew Stasiulis. Stay tuned to find out where, when, and how to see the full length film.
When a documentary filmmaker's subject turns out to be reluctant and elusive, he desperately turns to alternative (and ethically questionable) methods to continue his film. But when his subject accidentally becomes an overnight internet sensation it sends him, and the film itself, down a maddening spiral of loose ends, selfishness, confusion, cello music, and existential despair. Cinema, truth, and friendship are put on trial in this blurry mixture of fact and fiction; a meditation on documentary, autobiography, and celebrity in the 21st century, THIS IS A PORTRAIT, certainly...but of what?
  [vimeo video_id="53564608" width="635" height="357" title="Yes" byline="No" portrait="No" autoplay="No" loop="No" color="ffffff"]

“Our Longest Drive” on Golf Channel

"Our Longest Drive", a documentary shot by DP and 3GR Featured Filmmaker David Lassiter (See our post from July 2011), is currently airing as a 6-part miniseries on the Golf Channel (set your DVR!). Congratulations to David and director Martin Rodahl!