Michael Bay Update: “Bayhem”

Just a reminder that Michael Bay is running around with a lime green custom RED camera that matches his ear protection. Let's hope he hit that record button.

Shot on EPIC DRAGON: Gone Girl, Transformers 4 + Avatar Sequels

2014 is lining up to be the year of the Dragon.  The first coming our way will be Transformers 4 directed by Michael Bay followed by David Fincher's Gone Girl adaptation; both to be released in 2014. James Cameron's x3 Avatar sequels are rumored to be shot on Dragon, with the production process beginning in late 2014. All three sequels will be shot in New Zealand as part of a substantial tax incentive deal. For sneak peek at the image quality we can expect from these gentlemen, check out the first footage released a few months ago: Shot on Red Epic Dragon by Mark Toia.