Shot on RED ONE M-X: “Lust for Love”

Lust-for-Love-3 Lust for Love, directed by Anton King and starring Fran Kranz, will be available on VOD and On Demand starting February 7th! The film was shot on RED M-X with RED Pro Primes by cinematographer Adam Bricker. Check out the nice writeup from Entertainment Weekly.  

Shot on SCARLET M-X: M is for Members Only Written and Directed by Chris Cullari and Jennifer Raite. Shot by DP Elie Smolkin on 3GR's RED Scarlet + RED Pro Primes. It's an entry into the ABC's of Death competition. Give "M is for Members Only" a "LIKE" to vote for it in the competition. 1st Assistant Camera: Noam Bleiweiss Gaffer: Tyler Bell Key Grip: Tina Densmore  

Shot on RED ONE M-X: Disney Princess Spring Breakers

College Humor spoofs Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers with the original Disney Princess'. Directed by Paul Briganti Shot By Matt Garrett on RED M-X + RED Pro Primes
Camera Crew: Gaffer: Justen Hernandez 1st AC: Charlie Panian 2nd AC: Ryan P. O'Hara Best Boy Electric: Cody Banks Swing: Cate Smierciak Swing: Chris Walters BTS & 2nd Camera: Carissa Dorson

Shot on SCARLET M-X: Raúl B Fernández + AT&T

AT&T  commercial directed by 3GR featured filmmaker Raúl B Fernández. Shot by DP Lance Kuhns on Scarlet + RED Pro Primes. The commercial won first place in MOFILM's AT&T contest. Watch a few of Raúl's previous MOFILM winners herehere and here (this list is getting long). AT&T “Sharing” Camera Crew: Gaffer: Zach Helmer Key Grip: Sanjiv Solanki Best Boy Electric: Randy Garcia Grip: Richard Lech 1st AC: Andrew Pauling 2nd AC: Jack Beyer

Shot on RED ONE M-X: “Funeral Kings” on DVD + iTunes

The feature film "Funeral Kings", written and directed by Kevin and Matthew McManus, is now available on iTunes and Amazon. Shot by DP Alex Disenhof on 3GR's RED M-X w/ RED Pro Primes.