Shot on SCARLET M-X: Raúl B Fernández + AT&T

AT&T  commercial directed by 3GR featured filmmaker Raúl B Fernández. Shot by DP Lance Kuhns on Scarlet + RED Pro Primes. The commercial won first place in MOFILM's AT&T contest. Watch a few of Raúl's previous MOFILM winners herehere and here (this list is getting long). AT&T “Sharing” Camera Crew: Gaffer: Zach Helmer Key Grip: Sanjiv Solanki Best Boy Electric: Randy Garcia Grip: Richard Lech 1st AC: Andrew Pauling 2nd AC: Jack Beyer

Shot on RED ONE M-X: “Funeral Kings” on DVD + iTunes

The feature film "Funeral Kings", written and directed by Kevin and Matthew McManus, is now available on iTunes and Amazon. Shot by DP Alex Disenhof on 3GR's RED M-X w/ RED Pro Primes.  

Shot on EPIC M-X: Valibation

We're excited about this new short film titled Valibation by writer/director Todd Strauss-Schulson. It was shot by 3GR featured filmmaker Elie Smolkin on RED Epic + Angenieux Optimo DP 16-42 Zoom + RED Pro Primes.
Strauss-Schulson and Smolkin used an Impala MOCO rig to execute some of the shorts most eye-catching shots. Each MOCO setup would take 2 hours to to program and complete, so the production was only able to film six shots in a 12-hour day."Todd had a strong vision and pushed us to execute the craziest, most ambitious shot lists. Our shot design was always motivated from a storytelling perspective," says Smolkin.In instances where a MOCO rig proved impractical, Smolkin utilized a Fisher 10 Dolly w/ a center-mount Jib and Arri Geared Head to replicate the robotic movements of the MOCO rig. Smolkin and his team built an additional rig that could rotate the camera 180-degrees on the Z-Axis for the shot when Yale exits the doctor's clinic. Smolkin collaborated with focus-puller Lance Kuhns, Key Grip Ben Benesh and Gaffer Tyler Bell. "Our crew was tiny, but they killed it. I'm blown away by what we were able to accomplish on such a tight schedule," Smolkin boasts.  "Our 360-degree MOCO shots proved quite the challenge. Lance's focus pulling was incredible, especially considering the high-level of difficulty. Ben and Tyler were able to rig and hide lights in the craziest places.""Valibation was my toughest shoot, but also one of the most fun and rewarding." Learn more about the project here and watch the short at

Shot on SCARLET M-X: Raul B + Lance for AOL

Commercial spot for directed by 3GR Featured Filmmaker Raul B. Fernandez. DP'd by Motion Canvas' Lance Kuhns on Scarlet-X + RED Pro Primes.
Camera Crew:
Key Grip: Adam Goral

Shot on RED ONE M-X: Batman Can’t Stop Thinking About Sex

Shot w/ RED M-X + RED Pro Primes for CollegeHumor in Los Angeles. Directed by Oren Brimer, Produced by David Kerns. Camera Crew: DP: Adam Bricker 1st AC: Charlie Panian 2nd AC: Carissa Dorson Gaffer: Zack Savitz Best Boy Electric: Stuart Lock Key Grip: Ranjeet Rajan Best Boy Grip: Avihai Yaffe Grip: Mike Jenkins